CCAMLR Inspector Training

MRAG provided a 3-day introductory fisheries courses for officers from HMS Protector and the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The objective of the training course was to provide the officers with a comprehensive understanding of the major fisheries operating under the auspices of each RFMO. The course provided information on the RFMOs operating in the areas where the vessels will patrol during its tour, background information on significant details of the species involved including their historical and current exploitation; the typology of fishing vessels and their operational characteristics prosecuting these fisheries and the respective management measures applied to each fishery. The course particular covered training on inspection procedures outlined in CCAMLR.

Upon completion of the course the officers were equipped to conduct monitoring and surveillance duties under the CCAMLR systems.



Start Date: 

Thursday, 1 September, 2011 to Friday, 30 September, 2011

Services Provided: 

  • Design & develop a training package on MCS and inspection

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Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)

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United Kingdom

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UK/South Atlantic

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3 808 GBP