IUU Fishing Risk in and around Japan

This project provides a detailed analysis of ten species selected from fifty that had been preselected based on the level of production in Japan and imports into Japan against a series of risk criteria for illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. Fifty species or species groups were subjected to a rapid risk assesssment process and from this process ten species or species groups were selected for further detailed investigation as detailed below;

  • Pacific salmons nei
  • Herrings nei
  • Mackerels (all)
  • Octopuses, etc. nei
  • Flatfishes nei
  • Tanner crabs nei
  • King crabs (all)
  • Smelts
  • Eels (all); and
  • Jumbo flying squid.

 This report assesses the likelihood of IUU fishing in detail for six criteria:

(i) Fishing vessels, legal personalities and companies, (ii) the fisheries for that species that supply the market, the (iii) flag States, (iv) coastal States and (v) port States involved in the fishery and finally (vi) the market State (in this case Japan).

Each of these criteria have been evaluated for each species based on a number of individual scoring elements that can be found in the individual risk assessments (see Section 5) and a summary can be found in Table 1. For each species we have then identified those criteria and specific scoring elements that are of particular higher risk (i.e. where weaknesses exist) to enable mitigation measures to be proposed along with a series of recommendations.

The final report can be downloaded at https://www.wwf.or.jp/activities/data/20170907_ocean02.pdf 




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Monday, 30 January, 2017 to Saturday, 15 April, 2017

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IUU Risk Assessment

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John Pearce - Project Director Emi Katoh - Project Leader Thomas Franklin - Risk assessment Hannah Richardson - Risk assessment Claire Collins - Risk assessment

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WWF Japan

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United Kingdom

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WWF Japan