Provision of a study on information systems supporting fisheries controls in the European Union (CFCA/2010/B/02)

This project contributes to the formulation of recommendations on best practices and proposals of pilot projects for organisation of fisheries control data by Member States in the Framework of EU Regulation 1224/2009. It will do this by identifying the best examples of information systems that are currently in place in MS and bringing together this information for other MS to draw upon when they are developing their own systems. Specifically, this project involves:

  • Collecting data on existing information systems on fisheries in the EU Member States;

  • Description of state-of-the-art regarding the collection, exchange and access of data with other MS, CFCA and the Commission;

  • Focusing on practical considerations of control systems in order to obtain a clear understanding of the way that authorities and agents in change of fisheries control operations have access to relevant data as well as the tools to analyse and exchange information, especially in the framework of joint fisheries control operations.

Data domains covered by this study include fleet registers, fishing licenses, authorisations, logbooks, effort data, notifications, landing declarations, transhipment declarations, VMS, AIS, VDS, sales notes, transport documents, inspection means, patrols, sightings and intelligence.



Start Date: 

Sunday, 9 January, 2011 to Wednesday, 11 May, 2011

Services Provided: 

  • Collection of harmonised information on each MS control information system

  • Visiting appropriate MS authorities

  • Analysis of results

  • Best practice recommendations

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Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA)

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United Kingdom

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EU Member States

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182 000 EUR

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