Studies in the Field of the CFP and Maritime Affairs No. FISH/2006/09. Lot 4: Impact assessment studies related to the CFP. Technical analysis (Phase 2) of the Impact Assessment for the CFP 2012 reform

The purpose of the project was to apply the methodology developed in Specific Contract 04 under Framework Contract n° FISH/2006/09 Lot 4 to each additional option for CFP reform as defined by the Commission. 

The following tasks have been defined in the TORs:  collate updated data/trends that could improve the baseline for the analysis of each of the additional options for reform, with regard to that collated and used in Specific Contract 04;  review, and if required or necessary, modify the indicators and methodology agreed with the Commission under contract Specific Contract 04 concerning the Status Quo option; examine the possible impacts, over a ten-year horizon (2012-2017-2022) of pursuing each of the additional options for CFP reform; : in the light of the revised data/trends, methodology and indicators, and in view of impacts of each of the alternative options analyzed under this specific contract, examine the necessity of revisiting the analysis and/or conclusions concerning the Status Quo option; summary of results and Report writing; support the Commission regarding the overall Impact Assessment process.



Start Date: 

Sunday, 31 January, 2010 to Friday, 31 December, 2010

Services Provided: 

  • Analysis of institutional/decision-making process

  • Policy analysis

  • Data modelling

  • Define indicators to analyse impacts of current scenario

  • Examine impacts of pursuing current scenario on 10-year horizon

  • Presentation of results

  • Additional expert advice/support

% as lead firm: 


Proportion MRAG: 


Duration (months): 


Number of Staff: 


Name of Client: 

European Commission-DG MARE

Client Address: 

United Kingdom

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Origin of Funding: 

European Commission-DG MARE



Project Value: 

353 249 EUR

Name of Partners (if any): 

IEEP, IFM, Lamans, Oceanic Development Poseidon