Fisheries Governance

Governance is a critical challenge in many fisheries and the process of understanding and, where necessary, improving governance is as the heart of effective conservation and wise resource use. MRAG has undertaken research, provided training and supported capacity development in both developing and developed country fisheries institutions and contributed to improved management practices and more sustainable fisheries. This has included:

  • Initiatives to better understand fisheries as complex and dynamic systems to derive management objectives;
  • Developing and applying participatory approaches that can help ensure the full and effective participation of relevant stakeholders;
  • Supporting innovative forms of governance including collaborative management and adaptive management;
  • Developing and implementing mechanisms and methodologies to assess the environmental, economic and socio-cultural costs, benefits and impacts of management and policy measures.

 Ultimately, this work has assisted in determining the manner in which power and influence are exercised within management regimes, including the sharing of responsibilities, rights, costs and benefits.

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