Seafood Certification, Traceability & Improvement

Supply chain management and auditing

Knowledge of where fish comes from and assurance that it was sourced responsibly is critical in making purchasing decisions. Supermarkets and seafood traders want assurance that the fish that they are supplied is sustainable and NGOs and consumers demand environmental conservation and demonstrative industry responsibility. MRAG gives assurance by verifying full-chain traceability, assessing sourcing criteria, analysing relevant risks and providing supply chain audits.

Supply chain management services provided by MRAG can ensure entire supply chain verification (full-chain traceability) from catch to final product. Relevant services provided are traceability studies, chain of custody, social assessments (to SA8000 or ETI), environmental impact assessment (EIAs) and risk assessments. This information is presented through high-quality scientific analyses and reporting and provides third party verification of whether current systems are sufficient to guarantee the integrity of information transfer.

 Compliance (factory, fishery and 3rd party audits)

We specialise in independent, third party verification of whether current systems are sufficiently compliant to guarantee throughout the entire supply chain. Audits can be carried out throughout the chain including fisheries and factories. We conduct on-site audits to check that the product flow balances over a period and documents match to physical records. These audits are carried out by highly experienced group auditors with a track record in producing high quality scientific analysis and reports.

MRAG are able to provide these services to wholesalers, retailers, fish factories, traders and vessels. Currently, MRAG has a large number of clients for Chain of Custody assessments and Fisheries, Aquaculture and Traceability Assurance, including group certification of multiple sites and major retailers in Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States.



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