Title Services End Date Region
MRAG Project Mid Term Review Of Pacific ACP And French Pacific OCT Regional Oceanic and Coastal Fisheries Development Programme (PROCFish/C) Programme Evaluation and Monitoring
Programme Development, Management & Evaluation
01/06/06 Pacific
MRAG Project Assessing the impact of Fisheries Management Science Programme (FMSP) research Programme Management
Resource Management Planning and Implementation
12/31/05 Global
MRAG Project Options for the Development for a Vessel Monitoring System for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Vessel Monitoring Systems 12/31/05 Pacific
MRAG Project Synthesis of FMSP experience and lessons learned for fisheries co-management Resource Management Planning and Implementation
Community Based and co-management 
10/31/05 Global
Evaluation and Uptake Promotion of Data Collection Guidelines for Co-Managed Fisheries Survey Design, Implementation and Analysis 10/31/05 Asia
MRAG Project Application and promotion of FMSP Participatory Fisheries Stock Assessment (ParFish) Resource Assessment
Social Development
10/31/05 Africa
MRAG Project Promoting New Knowledge of Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries Climate Change 10/29/05 Global
MRAG Project IUU Fishing Risk Management in the Central and Western Pacific MCS Training and Implementation
Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
MCS Planning and Review
10/14/05 Pacific
MRAG Project Review of the impacts of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing on Developing Countries Natural Resource Assessment & Management 08/15/05 Global
MRAG Project Technical Assistance to the Falkland Islands Vessel Monitoring System Vessel Monitoring Systems 07/31/05 Atlantic Ocean
MRAG Project Tonle Sap Sustainable Livelihoods Project Biodiversity
Institutional Analysis, Development and Capacity Building
05/01/05 Asia
Mid-Term PROCfish Review Programme Evaluation and Monitoring
Simulation Modelling and Statistical Analysis
02/21/05 Pacific
MRAG Project Support to assessment of progress of halting biodiversity loss with respect to the marine environment for the EEA 2005 State of the Environment and Outlook Report (EEA) Fisheries Governance
Resource Assessment
Environmental Assessment
Marine Policy, Planning and Legal Analysis
02/01/05 Europe
MRAG Project Fisheries data collection and sharing mechanisms for (co-) management Simulation Modelling and Statistical Analysis 02/01/05 Global
MRAG Project Synthesis and uptake promotion of FMSP stock assessment tools and guidelines Resource Assessment 12/31/04 Global
MRAG Project Observer Programmes – best practice, funding options and North Sea case study. Observer Programmes 11/30/04 Europe
Fisheries Inspector Training Workshop MCS Training and Implementation 10/31/04 Africa
MRAG Project Review of Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Project in Papua New Guinea Programme Evaluation and Monitoring
Social Development
10/01/04 Asia
MRAG Project The use of sluice gates for stock enhancement and diversification of livelihoods Resource Assessment 09/30/04 Asia
Study of the impact and feasibility of the setting up of a joint inspection structure based on a Community Fisheries Control Agency Fisheries Monitoring, Control and Surveillance 08/31/04 Europe
MRAG Project Iraq Marshlands Restoration Project Resource Assessment
Natural Resource Assessment & Management
05/01/04 Middle East
Investigation on the implications of different reef fish life history strategies on fisheries management Natural Resource Assessment & Management 03/31/04 Europe
Investigation on the implications of different reef fish life history strategies on fisheries management Simulation Modelling and Statistical Analysis 03/31/04 Europe
MRAG Project How to strengthen national, sub-regional and regional institutions and policies to better address developing countries needs (in respect of the UN Agreement on Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks) Institutional Analysis, Development and Capacity Building 02/28/04 Europe