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Project Title Region Start
The social and economic implications to UK fishing communities of implementing zonal attachment as the basis for quota allocation Europe
MRAG Project COBECOS - costs and benefits of control strategies Europe
MRAG Project Practical Definitions of Structure and Function to Monitor and Survey the Marine Environment Europe
MRAG Project Seanergy 2020 – WP2 National maritime spatial planning regimes Europe
Provision of a study on information systems supporting fisheries controls in the European Union (CFCA/2010/B/02) Europe
Technical Recommendations to Improve the EU IUU Regulation Catch Certificate System Europe
Using White-, Gray- and Blacklists to combat IUU fishing Europe
MRAG Project Marine Stewardship Council Systems Analysis Europe
MRAG Project DFID fisheries and aquaculture scoping review Europe
System of WISE-Marine Reporting Sheets for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Europe
Study on mitigation measures to minimise seabird bycatch in gillnet fisheries Europe
Global IUU monitoring network and UK IUU Action Plan Europe
MRAG Project House of Commons IUU Media Event Europe
Background Paper for Workshop on Resource Assessment in Data-Poor Fisheries Europe
Specific Contract under FWC MARE/2011/01 Lot 2; Evaluation of the Data Collection Framework (DCF) Europe
WWF Seafood Traceability Assessment Methodology Europe
Investigation on the implications of different reef fish life history strategies on fisheries management Europe
MRAG Project DEFRA/SEERAD Days at Sea Observer Derogation Programme Europe
MRAG Project Editing work for the European Environment Agency Europe
Development of a new technical conservation measures framework within a reformed CFP Europe
Scaling-up fishing’s contribution to sustainable development in developing countries: assessing the experience and prospects of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Europe
MRAG Project How to strengthen national, sub-regional and regional institutions and policies to better address developing countries needs (in respect of the UN Agreement on Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks) Europe
MRAG Project Scoping the potential benefits of undertaking an ecosystem assessment for England Europe
Legal Marine Data infrastructure Europe