Andrew Temple

Senior Consultant

Andrew is a Senior Consultant at MRAG. He is an interdisciplinary scientist with 10 years of experience across ecology, fisheries, and socio-economic disciplines, having completed his PhD at Newcastle University in 2018. Andrew has extensive experience working in data-poor and capacity-limited settings, he has a specific interest in the application of foundational ecological and economic theory to situations with extreme data limitations.

Before joining MRAG, Andrew’s work focused on anthropogenic (human) impacts on the environment, especially the impacts of fisheries, offshore construction, and tourism, with a particular interest in marine megafauna (marine mammals, sharks, rays, large bony fishes, and sea turtles). His work has ranged from the North Sea to the coasts of East Africa and South America. He is proficient in Frequentist and, more recently, Bayesian statistics for both numerical and textual data, using both traditional and machine learning approaches. Andrew has a strong track record of collaborative work in diverse inter-cultural teams and at the interfaces of industry, government, NGOs and academia.