Georgina Hunt


Georgina joined MRAG as a Consultant in March 2021 from Newcastle University, where she recently completed her PhD in fisheries science. Georgina has many years’ experience working on a diversity of interdisciplinary fisheries projects, with a focus on temperate marine environments. Before joining MRAG, Georgina’s research utilised historical and contemporary fisheries data to understand the impacts of human-induced activities (e.g. trawling, climate change) on North Sea fish species at spatial and long-term time scales. Her specific interests lie in bringing together multiple data sources to understand the extent of these impacts and to better inform fisheries management.

Georgina offers strong data management and analytical skills through her extensive experience of analysing multiple quantitative fisheries data, including large, century-old datasets from the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (Cefas). She has experience in building rapport and collaborating with industry figures from the fisheries sector, NGOs, governmental organisations and academia. Georgina also has expertise in fishing gear technology and has spent a significant amount of time at sea leading and implementing independent research projects in the North Sea, and further afield, conducting scientific and commercial surveys in the Celtic Sea and southeast Alaska.