Harry Owen

Senior Consultant

Harry is a Senior Consultant at MRAG with extensive experience in the fisheries sector. His career began in Nepal, working on polyculture as a means to improve food security. Subsequently, his focus has shifted more towards offshore marine capture fisheries and the seafood sector. He has worked on board commercial fishing vessels as a scientific observer and within the seafood industry more widely, where he has assisted companies with their Corporate Responsibility Strategies (CRS). Within this sphere Harry won a People Environment Achievement award in 2016 for his work on ‘Ghost Gear’ recycling and in the same year joined the Global Ghost Gear Initiative’s Steering Group (2016 – 2019). At MRAG Harry has gained significant experience working on a broad range of projects, both as a technical expert and as project manager. Recently, he has managed a number of projects for UK government bodies including an evaluation of the environmental benefits delivered via the EMFF, and an innovative co-design project looking at defining the principals of ‘low impact’ fishing. More broadly, Harry has worked across a range of projects and his applied experience includes fisheries monitoring and management, eco-label auditing, socio-economic analysis, fisheries liaison, and social and environmental risk assessment creation and implementation.