Nicholas French

Senior Consultant

Nicholas is a Consultant at MRAG, and is the project manager for both the IOTC (Indian Ocean) and ICCAT (Atlantic Ocean) Regional Observer Programmes on transhipment. As part of a small team, this involves ensuring that the programme runs efficiently through the recruitment, selection and training of observers, logistical coordination for these programmes and fulfilling data and reporting obligations to the RFMOs and CPCs. The programmes through the monitoring of transhipments at sea contribute to the traceability of the fisheries supply chain, discourage IUU fishing practices and support compliance with the RFMOs recommendations and resolutions on fishing for tuna and tuna-like species. During his time with MRAG he has also worked on projects relating to IUU fishing and developing Port State Measures to combat it, East African marsh fisheries and contributions to larger EU projects. Nicholas previously worked with The Wildlife Trusts Living Seas on the Irish Sea Nephrops fishery and tranche 3 Marine Conservation Zones.