The Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) is obliged under article 14 of COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 768/2005 1 to “undertake an annual assessment of the effectiveness of each Joint Deployment Plan” as well as “an analysis, on the basis of the available evidence, of the existence of a risk that fishing activities are not complying with applicable control measures”.   The objective of this contract was to define and develop with the CFCA a standard methodology and reporting format which would enable CFCA staff along with EU MS fisheries control staff working within a JDP to routinely elaborate and complete the annual assessment of the effectiveness of each JDP.

The Model Standard Methodology and Reporting Format developed consists of a set of detailed instructions and methods on how to collect, analyse and present an assessment of a JDP based on a number of specified indicators.

The methodology was developed in a flexible way that will allow it to be applicable to all current and future JDPs.  This particularly includes providing methods for the determination of core indicators that are applicable to all JDPs and methods of modifying specific indicators where necessary for the assessment of individual JDPs.  Key to the assessment is the monitoring of activities required to meet the objectives of the JDP, both in terms of assessing the allocation of resources by EU MS to meet objectives and the assessment of the actual actions taken against those initially proposed by EU MS.


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