Fundamental to the development of effective fisheries policy and management to achieve long-term sustainable exploitation of aquatic living resources is an understanding of the biological, technical, economic, social and institutional processes as part of an integrated management system.

MRAG can provide expert advice on and practical input to a wide range of development and management issues in fisheries and the environment including stock assessments and environmental impact assessments. Multidisciplinary teams provide a comprehensive and integrated resource management service from initial characterization and assessment of the resource, through appropriate survey design and implementation of management programmes, to the subsequent regulation and monitoring of harvesting activity.

These activities can be better informed through scientific research and development, using a variety of techniques such as simulation modelling and statistical analysis and supported through sound data and information management procedures.



Title Region End Date
Image by simone saponetto from Pixabay Improving environmental sustainability of deep sea fisheries with emphasis on the conservation of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs)

In 2018 the European Commission commissioned a study aiming at providing a…

Overview of the state of data collection and scientific advice in the European Outermost Regions with case study on a roadmap towards regular stock assessment in French Guiana

The European Commission has recognised a need to assess the state of fisheries data…

Population Structure of Bluenose Warehou (Hyperogplyphe Antarctica) Around Tristan Da Cunha on Behalf of Cefas and the Tristan Da Cunha Government

Within the Tristan da Cunha region, a number of substantial fisheries are utilised,…

Atlantic Ocean
Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay Co-designing the principles for defining low impact fishing

The United Kingdom (UK) seafood fishing industry, despite its importance to both the…

Developing and facilitating a range of possible future FIS projects in innovation in selectivity through on-net or alternative technologies

The issue of discards continues to be a hot topic in the fishing industry. The…

An analysis of the uses, impacts and benefits of fish aggregation devices (FADs) in the global tuna industry

This project was commissioned by WWF-UK in early 2016 to contribute to the ongoing…

Second Review of the ICCAT Atlantic-Wide Research Programme on bluefin tuna (ICCAT GBYP PHASE 6-2016)

The Atlantic-wide research programme for bluefin tuna was officially adopted by the…

Atlantic Ocean
MRAG Project Sustainability of trawling on soft bottom habitats

This study aims to determine whether trawl fisheries on soft bottoms have the…

MRAG Project Analysis of Ecologically Sustainable Development implications of alternative management scenarios for the Australian Northern Prawn fishery: Measures of ESD Impacts

The objective of the overarching project is to determine the best management regime…

MRAG Project Assessment of alternative approaches to implementing Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) in the Australian Northern Prawn Fishery

The Australian Federal government is determined to introduce ITQs in all Commonwealth…

Refinement and web-enablement of the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessels

This project required MRAG to refine and web-enable the WCPFC Record of Fishing…

MRAG Project Review of the impacts of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing on Developing Countries

This project examined the extent and impacts on developing countries of illegal,…

MRAG Project Iraq Marshlands Restoration Project

The USAID Iraq Marshlands Restoration Program (IMRP) supported the rehabilitation of…

Middle East
Investigation on the implications of different reef fish life history strategies on fisheries management

In developing countries, growth parameters and stock assessment information for fish…

MRAG Project Improving water management for tropical river fisheries

The overall purpose of the project was to improve water policy and decision-making at…