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This report provides an assessment of the level of risk for a selection of species of high importance to the German market (high volume or value) along with a number of additional high… Read More

Fisheries assessment software

Participatory Fisheries Stock Assessment (ParFish) Software is a PC-based software package that uses Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory to assess the state of a fishery stock and… Read More

The Length Frequency Distribution Analysis (LFDA) package is a PC-based computer package for estimating growth parameters and mortality rates from fish length frequency distributions.… Read More

lfda.zip6.25 MB

The Catch Effort Data Analysis package (CEDA) is a PC-based software package for analysing catch, effort and abundance index data. Version 3.0 allows calculation of estimates of current… Read More

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Yield Version 1.0 is a program for calculating fishery yields and stock biomasses, on an absolute or per-recruit basis, and for calculating biological reference points associated with… Read More