MRAG offers consultancy services that can address all the risks faced when harvesting & sourcing seafood. From fisheries, all the way throughout the supply-chain, we can help you meet the demands of your customer. MRAG believes in independent assessments as a key tool in the tool box being used to achieve sustainability and social responsibility in seafood.


  • Technical assistance for Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs)
  • Traceability rapid assessment
  • Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) risk assessment for supply-chain
  • FAD status risk assessment & other bespoke assessments
  • Sourcing policy creation & analysis
  • Social auditing of vessels & supply-chain
  • Aquaculture assessment & improvement

Sustainable & Ethical

Knowledge of where fish comes from and assurance that it was sourced responsibly is now critical in making purchasing decisions. Responsible sourcing incorporates environmental sustainability and ethical labour practices both at sea and on land.

MRAG works with fishing and supply-chain companies to provide assurance that responsible sourcing criteria are met by assessing sustainability, verifying traceability, assessing sourcing criteria, analysing relevant risks and providing social audits. In cases where there is work to be done to achieve the required level, MRAG provides technical assistance throughout the journey. This information is presented through high-quality scientific analyses and reporting and provides third party verification of whether current systems are sufficient to guarantee compliance against the terms of the sourcing.  MRAG are able to provide these services across the globe, click the topics in the side bar for more detail and past projects.


Title Region End Date
Map UK NEAFC Registerd Ports IUU Documentation and Controls

This project was completed by MRAG Ltd and RPA Ltd under Lot 6: Marine and Fisheries R…

Social audits for Thai Union longline vessels

Thai Union requested that MRAG undertook social audits on a number of longline vessels…

Indian Ocean
Consolidation and review of data from members of Certification and Ratings Collaboration

Members of the Collaboration are global seafood certification and ratings programs…

MRAG Project Bahamiian Lobster FIP

In February 2009, WWF funded an MSC pre-assessment of the Bahamian lobster fishery (…

Atlantic Ocean
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay Evaluation of MSC FIP scoring tools

As part of MSC’s drive to support fisheries that want to meet the MSC Fisheries…

An analysis of the UK fish market and composition and identification of the key supply chain/players.

The objective of this study was to conduct a UK market study of tuna (canned sector)…

MRAG Project Studies in the Field of the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime Affairs No. FISH/2006/069. Lot 4: Impact Assessment Studies

The Consortium led by MRAG aims to provide framework services to conduct impact…

MRAG Project EU Framework: Studies in the field of the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime Affiars No Fish/2006/09 : Lot 2 Legal Studies Related to Maritime Affairs

Lot 2 of the 'Studies in the fields of the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime…

Support to Aker for MSC certification for krill

This project involved MRAG supporting the MSC certification of the Aker-Biomarine…

Antarctic Ocean
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Fisheries Management.

The work undertaken by MRAG for Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich…

Atlantic Ocean
Support to DFID to coordinate a UK working group on new approaches to sustainable development certification

The extent to which wild-caught fisheries are able to operate on a sustainable basis,…