The extent to which wild-caught fisheries are able to operate on a sustainable basis, producing wealth and social benefits, depends directly on the management arrangements that govern fisheries. The challenge is to put in place economically rational management systems (such as those based on property rights) backed by supporting institutions to ensure the sustainability of fisheries in the years ahead.  DFID and DEFRA have agreed a new programme jointly with PROFISH (ALLFISH project) at the World Bank to develop new approaches to how we can evaluate the effectiveness of management systems – in other words, how we might develop a new tool that could be used to certify a fishery or at least to enable risk assessment to inform a purchasing or policy decision.. The UK component of this work focused particularly on wealth distribution. This study provided support to the UK in development and coordination of the project. It included:

  • Developing a UK/EU working group to liaise with PROFISH / ALLFISH and facilitating discussion on sustainable development approaches to certification with relevant partners i.e. industry, retailers, German counterparts through GTZ, certification bodies (MSC, Fairtrade), World Bank, Chatham House etc.
  • Liaising with international partners (e.g. PROFISH / ALLFISH ) on the development of models to assess the performance of wealth creation (system efficiency) in fisheries and the timing of a UK research contribution;
  • Working closely with all partners in developing a research proposal for a specific UK research contribution on wealth distribution (equity) aspects in fishing communities, particularly in developing countries, and involving best practice case study work in a range of RNR contexts;
  • In support of the above, undertaking background research into wealth distribution aspects to support concept note;
  • Assisting in management of the research inputs and ensuring effective cooperation in all aspects with the US group;
  • Organising a workshop for the working group members and partners to take forward initial concepts into case studies through PAF and other routes.
  • Drafting ideas and proposing a presentation for the Seafood Summit in Paris, Jan/Feb 2010

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