The Consortium led by MRAG aims to provide framework services to conduct impact assessment studies necessary for regulatory and policy proposals under the Common Fisheries Policy and Marine Strategy. The aim is to conduct impact assessments that lead to an improved understanding of the fisheries and aquaculture sector and to support future legislative and policy proposals that promote a biologically sustainable and profitable fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Specific projects under this framework, undertaken so far, include: Impact assessment of EU Shark Action Plan Impact of a proposal for a Council Regulation on the reform and modernisation of the control system applicable to the Common Fisheries Policy Economic and Social impacts of the proposed scenarios for a long term management plan for Baltic Pelagic fisheries Study concerning the regional dependency of coastal communities on fishing and related activities Impact Assessment of North Sea Flatfish Impact assessment studies on the Common Fisheries Policy (Phases I and II) Contribution on an EU Plan of Action on Seabirds

Project Dates


Europe (including coastal areas and all maritime basins)