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The Catch Effort Data Analysis package (CEDA) is a PC-based software package for analysing catch, effort and abundance index data. Version 3.0 allows calculation of estimates of current and unexploited stock sizes, catchability and associated population dynamics parameters. Both depletion and several types of stock production (biomass dynamic) models can be fitted, using one of three different assumptions about the distribution of residuals. Both point estimates and bootstrap confidence intervals for the estimated parameters can be calculated. CEDA also includes the facility to do projections of stock size into the future under various scenarios of catch or effort levels, so that different management strategies can be investigated. Output is presented both graphically and textually, and can be printed or saved to disk for further use. As with previous versions of CEDA, the package includes a comprehensive context-sensitive Help system and a detailed example analysis. The download file also includes the graphics server programme required to plot the data.