MRAG was asked by the FAO to produce a background document for a workshop on practical methods of assessing the biological status of fish stocks in data-poor situations (Rome, 11-13 May 2010) and a draft annotated outline of the proposed Guidelines that would serve as discussion documents for participants. Tasks included:

1. Undertaking a search for, reviewing and assessing methodologies for the biological assessment of data-poor fisheries that either have been used, or are currently in use, or have been developed but not yet tested.  Description of the advantages and disadvantages of each and how amenable they are to practical application.  Production of a report on this work.

2.  Drafting an annotated outline of proposed guidelines for the resource assessment in data-poor fisheries as a discussion document for the workshop.

3.  Presenting the report and introducing the draft annotated outline of the guidelines at the workshop

4. Based on the outcome of workshop discussions and the agreed annotated outline of the guidelines, production of a first draft of the Guidelines on resource assessment in data-poor fisheries

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