The long-term objective of the "Programme  for Transhipment by Large-Scale Fishing Vessels" is to combat IUU fishing activities in the IOTC Area because they undermine the effectiveness of the conservation and management measures already adopted by the Commission. The specific objectives are to:

  • Encourage operators of illegal fishing vessels to operate within the legal framework of the IOTC; 
  • Enhance the quality and availability of catch data from the large-scale longline tuna vessels to improve the scientific assessments of the commercially exploited stock of tuna and tuna-like species:
  • Assist the coastal States of the Indian Ocean in the control of fishing activities in their waters; and,
  • Assist flag States in ensuring better control of their large-scale tuna longline fishing vessels (LSTLVs) operating in the waters of third countries or on the high seas in the IOTC Area.


Project Dates