The European maritime industry is one of the cornerstones of the European economy and counts many strong global players who, over the last decades, have experienced very strong growth, also internationally. Also in the future, the European maritime industry will likely be a key driver for economic growth. The key challenge will be to understand the mechanics and enablers on the one handand the interrelationship of "maritime governance" and "growth" on the other hand. With this knowledge, the Commission will be able to put forward the right balanced policy and governance choices. Based on an updated analysis of the growth potential of the European maritime economy, there is further need to identify growth potentials by Member State and region, develop key performance indicators, undertake a detailed analysis of the effects of governance on performance, and derive further actions (esp. on sea-basin level) through a structured dialogue with economic actors, academia, the cluster organisations and regional economic development managers. This dialogue would help spreading best practice, creating new cooperations and identifying investment opportunities.

Following extensive study work on the potential for growth and jobs in the maritime and coastal economy the Commission wishes to follow up on the findings by developing and implementing concrete measures that can help delivering that potential.

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European Commission DG MARE

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