The ROP-BFT is an international observer programme aimed at monitoring bluefin tuna fishing and farming activities in the Mediterranean in response to ICCAT Recommendation 13/07 and others. The main goal of the programme is to verify the amount of tuna caught and transferred to farms in the region.

Programme (operational) design – development and execution of a service delivery model to safely deploy 100+ observers on vessels and farms throughout the Mediterranean.

Creating and nurturing regional partnerships to successfully implement the ROP-BFT.

Recruitment and selection – Proactive campaign over 4 months to filter and select appropriate experienced and skilled individuals suitable for the ROP-BFT observer role and who satisfy the ICCAT standard of behaviour and conduct for observers.

Training an international pool of observers for fishing and farming operations.

Interpretation and operationalising ICCAT bluefin tuna regulations relevant to the ROP-BFT.

Development of bespoke training programme and support manuals approved by ICCAT covering:

  • Bluefin tuna fishing and farming background and activities
  • International instruments and management measures (incl. ICCAT) for bluefin tuna
  • Observer monitoring protocols
  • Data collection and reporting procedures for all operational components
  • Language training
  • Health and safety issues
  • Sampling design
  • Observer Evaluation

Logistics – deployment of 100+ observers in the Mediterranean Sea on purse seiners within 96 hours notice.

Programme Evaluation – assess the effectiveness of the ROP-BFT consistent with the aims of the programme, including the provision of recommendations and provide a continual reassessment and improvement programme as the programme develops.

Programme management in cooperation with the ICCAT Secretariat.

Liaison with fishing and farming stakeholders and ICCATs CPCs.


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Mediterranean, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Malta, Portugal, Norway