The study made a general assessment of the impacts of the IUU Regulation and its implementation on IUU fishing and its contribution to a sustainable exploitation of aquatic resources, in particular in relation to the main objectives of the CFP, notably ensuring exploitation of living aquatic resources that provide sustainable economic, environmental and social conditions (including the  impact on food security) along with the aim of the promotion of better ocean governance by contributing to deter and eliminate IUU fishing and trade with IUU fishery products.

The project looked at the behaviour of countries and stakeholders "before" and "after" the IUU regulation entered into force. It assessed also the impact on trade, trade patterns and markets of fishery products and the coherence of the regulation with other EU policies.

While long term impacts of the IUU regulation could not yet be assessed (the regulation entered into force only in 2010), a preliminary assessment of the effects of the regulation and its various tools on the various stakeholders was undertaken.

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European Commission, DG MARE

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