MRAG were contracted to develop and deliver a background paper in order to assist Members with the discussion of options for the development of a Commission Vessel Monitoring System at the first meeting of the Technical and Compliance Committee (TCC) of the Commission (WCPFC/TCC/2005/02).     

The paper opens reviewed the existing state of play with respect to the development of a vessel monitoring system (VMS) for the WCPFC, covering three main areas: (i) consolidated information on VMS issues discussed previously within the context of the WCPFC Preparatory Conference process (PrepCon) and the first meeting of the Commission (WCPFC1), (ii) the results of those discussions and (iii) remaining VMS issues and needs.  

Following this review, the paper described current and emerging practices with respect to VMS in other regional fishery management organizations (RFMOs), in particular those RFMOs dealing with the management of tuna and tuna-like species.  Finally, the paper presents a review of VMS standards and specifications and a summary of options for the establishment of a VMS by the Commission under Article 24 of the Convention. Options are considered in the context of the existing monitoring, control and surveillance capability of the Commission and its members and the potential for linkages with existing VMS installations.  

MRAG provided a consultant to deliver the paper to the 1st TCC Meeting and assist the Commission Secretariat in discussions relating to VMS options.


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