The purpose of this study was to provide information and advice to support decision-making in St. Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha on the potential to implement a fisheries management regime, how best to do so, and on the options for harmonising the various activities involved.  The analysis of the options for harmonisation took into account the fisheries potential and their likely value, the resources and capacities of each island and those needed to implement a management regime. Advice was also provided on the areas where current resources and capacities need to be augmented for any option to be most successful.

The work:

1.         Focused on pelagic highly migratory species – the ‘Offshore’ fishery - and did not provide an overview of all the fisheries on each island (i.e. inshore fisheries were excluded).

2.         Reviewed the literature and available data to evaluate the offshore fisheries and their potential.

3.         Looked at harmonised management options amongst the three territories in respect of offshore fisheries.

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St Helena, Ascension Islands