This evaluation assessed the results obtained through the Data Collection Framework (DCF) and verified that they are consistent with the objectives set, thereby facilitating better informed decision making in the area of data collection and management, especially with a view to contribute to the development the new EU MAP 2014-2020 and to improve the management by Member States and stakeholders of the data collection system.

Specifically, the evaluation identified the main success, failures and difficulties of the DCF to date, and the main factors behind these. In addition, the evaluation identified the responsibilities of the different actors (the Commission, Member States, data end-users) in these successes, difficulties and failures. The evaluation also considered the context within which the DCF operates, and identified the coherence of the DCF with other EU legislation and Member States’ obligations under RFMOs, in order to improve the synergies and reduce any unnecessary areas of overlap.

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European Commission- DG MARE

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