MRAG initially gave advice to the Government of St Helena on the development of specifications for the VMS in 2001 and has subsequently managed an INMARSAT-C based vessel monitoring system on behalf of the Government of St Helena.  The system is now eb-based and can be accessed 24/7 for all authorised users both in London, on St Helena or on patrol vessels in the MPA.  All St Helenan flag vessels are currently tracked through the system with AIS data from fishing vessels in and around the the St Helena and Ascension EEZs being monitored.

The key issue for St Helenan flagged vessels is that they are able to demonstrate compliance with international fisheries organisations requirements with respect to vessel monitoring systems e.g. CCAMLR and ICCAT technical conservation measures.

MRAG also provide where necessary vessel inspections and support to fishing vessels to ensure that vessels comply with necessary technical measures such as ensuring anti-tampering measures are in place.

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Government of St Helena

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St Helena and Ascension Island