The purpose of this contract is to provide 16 professional Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) to the Falkland Islands Loligo Fishing fleet. The MMO principal duty consists of carrying out observations on pinniped interactions with fishing gear, including bycatch and mortalities, and the performance of the mitigation methods employed. Secondary MMO activities include to sampling Loligo catches and toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) bycatch on a daily basis for biometrics, bird scaring lines performance, including registering and retaining any seabird bycatch for delivery to FIFD. MMOs are deployed for an average of 64 sea days, over two seasons a year. These operate under the licenses C and X for Doryteuthis gahi (LOL). The compliance of the vessels is also monitored, such as discarding and net cleaning standards. MRAG provides the safety equipment and an introductory training for the observers, along with organising all logistics to and from their home bases to the Falkland Islands. Data checks are then conducted throughout deployments, and a full review of each final report at the end of each season. 

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Falkland Islands Government

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