MRAG were requested to development an assessment methodology for benchmarking the seafood supply chains of corporate partners against the WWF “Traceability principles”.

Criteria were extracted from the traceability principles and for each criteria, source materials to evaluate each supply chain, a scoring guideline and potential mitigation measures were identified.

A benchmarking methodology and scoring guidelines were developed along with a mitigation sheet provides assessors with guidelines for assessment, scoring rationale and a series of mitigation measures for each of the individual questions of the questionnaire which, if implemented, will enable the supply chain to better ensure a “high likelihood of sourcing from 'legal' fisheries” and to meet requirements of the WWF Traceability Principles.

Mitigation measures are in line with current industry best practice which of course over time may be subject to change and require updating as technology and understanding develops.

Companies should be able to use this process to improve their traceability systems, identify and address short-comings identified in the assessment process.

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