Title Project Dates
Uptake of Participatory Fisheries Stock Assessment (PFSA) ToolKit
Development of computer aids for fish stock assessment and management policy -
Guidelines for harvesting species of different lifespans -
Computer aids in fish stock assessment - field development -
Analysis of Multispecies Tropical Fisheries -
Management strategies for new or lightly expolited Fisheries in developing countries -
Growth parameter estimation and the effect of fishing on size composition and growth of snappers and emperors - implications for management -
Strategic assessment of tropical coastal fisheries management -
Software for estimating potential yield under certainty -
Sustainable Livelihoods from Fluctuating Resources -
Implementing Management Guidelines Arising from Project R6465 - an Assessment of the Utility -
The potential for improved management performance with increased age-based stock assessment components: extension of the management strategy simulations to incorporate age-based assessments -
Interdisciplinary Multivariate Analysis for Adaptive Co-Management -
Integrated fisheries management using Bayesian multi-criterion decision making -
Investigation of the implications of different reef fish life history strategies on fisheries management -
Synthesis and uptake promotion of FMSP stock assessment tools and guidelines -
Application and promotion of FMSP Participatory Fisheries Stock Assessment (ParFish) -
Capacity building in the use of FMSP stock assessment tools and management guidelines -