Title Project Dates
The performance of customary marine tenure in the management of community fishery resources in Melanesia
Selection Criteria and Co-Management Guidelines for Harvest Reserves in Tropical River Fisheries
Control of Foreign Fisheries -
Analysis of Fish Aggregating Devices -
Control of Foreign Fisheries - Field Development -
River and Floodplain Fisheries in the Ganges -
Culture Fisheries Assessment Methodology -
Fisheries Dynamics of Modified Floodplains in Southern Asia -
Evaluation of the biological and socioeconomic benefits of enhancement of floodplain fisheries -
The management of conflict in tropical fisheries -
Self Recruiting Species in Aquaculture - Their Role in Rural Livelihoods -
The Use of Sluice Gates for Stock Enhancement and Diversification of Livelihoods -
Enabling Better Management of Fisheries Conflicts -
Promotion of models generating national economic benefits through the control of foreign fisheries -
Incorporating Common Pool Resource (CPR) Issues into Fisheries Management Policy -
Synthesis of FMSP experience and lessons learned for fisheries co-management -
Promotion of FMSP guidelines for floodplain fisheries management and sluice gate control -