Recruitment is now closed for 2024 BFT-ROP purse seine season

MRAG are a unique and highly motivated consulting firm dedicated to promoting sustainable utilization of natural resources through sound integrated management policies and practices. As a leader in this field, MRAG has a long and highly productive history of designing and implementing integrated resource management systems in marine environments. MRAG currently manage a number of fisheries observer programmes and we are actively recruiting for the  ICCAT Regional Observer Programme for Bluefin Tuna (ROP-BFT)  ( 

The ROP-BFT is an international observer programme aimed at monitoring bluefin tuna fishing and farming activities in the Mediterranean in response to ICCAT’s Recommendation 22/08 (to be amended by 23/06) for the multi-annual conservation and management plan for bluefin tuna in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The objective of the programme is to verify the amount of tuna caught and transferred to farms in the region whilst monitoring compliance with the ICCAT Recommendations. More information is available here   (

Prerequisites for Applicants:

  • Minimum of 30 days at sea experience as a fisheries observer (similar roles may be acceptable including volunteer work and research trips)
  • A minimum Bachelor of Science or Arts degree in Fisheries, Marine Science/Biology. Similar disciplines will also be considered.
  • Current permission to work in EU (for non-EU applicants) 
  • Applicants should be nationals of one of the ICCAT CPCs (see Note that all EU citizens are national through the EU’s membership of ICCAT.
  • Medium level English, reading, written and spoken, is required

The following certificates are also a prerequisite for deployment, but provided these can be obtained prior to embarkation, applications will still be considered. 

  • Personal Survival Techniques or Basic Sea Survival Certificate in line with International Maritime Organization (IMO) safety training standards
  • Seafarers Medical Certificate (ENG1 or STCW-95 Equivalent)

All certificates must be valid until at least July 2024. Sea survival certificate validity is 5 years of issue date or the before the expiry date, whichever is sooner. Seafarer’s medical validity is within 2 years of issue date or before the expiry date, whichever is sooner. Certificates exceeding the above minimum standards, such as BOSIET sea survival or UKOOA Offshore Medical certificates, will also be accepted.

If you do not have Sea Survival certificate or similar, More information on national STCW providers can be found here 

RYA sea survival courses are also recognised: Sea Survival | Specialist Short Courses | Courses | Courses & Training | RYA - Royal Yachting Association

In addition, the following is desirable / advantageous.

  • French, Italian, Spanish language skills
  • Turkish speaking non-Turkish nationals
  • Familiarity with Microsoft programmes in particular Access, Word and Excel.

Availability:  Candidates must be available between the following dates:

  • A five-day training course between May 13th and May 24th, 2024. Exact dates are yet to be confirmed.
  • May 20th to July 31st, 2024 (for deployment and debriefing).

Please note that the deployments are dependent on fishing success and as such the length can be variable. The fishing season may potentially run from 26th May to 25th July although deployments are often shorter.  

Specific programme related training and safety equipment will be provided.

Successful applicants will be allocated their deployments following training.

Still Interested in this post? Here is how you can get involved:

  • The MRAG Observer Recruitment Online Form When completing the recruitment form, ensure you highlight all relevant work experience and related days at sea. Please note that volunteer or research work as part of university studies is also considered relevant. 
  • Copies of relevant qualifications
  • Copies of your Sea Survival and Medical certificates must be provided before deployment
  • Contact details of two referees (no relatives)
  • You will be requested to provide written statements from your referees should you be successful after initial screening.

All applications should be submitted electronically. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Any Questions, please contact