MRAG has extensive experience of undertaking resource management projects in developing countries. These projects place substantial emphasis on integrating conservation and natural resource management within the overall national, regional, and local economic growth strategies of recipient countries. We frequently build conferences, seminars and workshops into our projects, as well as other less traditional means of facilitating collaboration and sharing of information on sustainable natural resources management. MRAG’s staff includes consultants who are skilled at working with local communities and who are aware of the multi-dimensional nature of poverty. There is considerable emphasis on the uptake of information and project outputs and the use of impact pathways and theories of change underpins efforts to ensure positive developmental impacts. A commitment to developing capacity has strengthened our relationships with in-country organisations and communities therefore enhancing the outcomes of projects.  


Title Region End Date
Image by pascal OHLMANN from Pixabay Employment Study and Capacity Needs Assessment for the Fisheries Sector in Seychelles

The Seychelles fisheries sector has grown substantially since the 1980’s, driven…

Indian Ocean
MRAG Project Counterfactual evaluation of EFF Permanent and Temporary Cessation measures

The objectives of this specific contract were to assess to what degree the existing…

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Fisheries Management.

The work undertaken by MRAG for GSGSSI comprises general and specific advice on the…

Atlantic Ocean
MRAG Project Best practice approaches in sustainable livelihoods in fisheries in Chennai, India

Under the World Bank trust fund for tsunami recovery, the Governments of Tamil Nadu…

MRAG Project Studies in the Field of the CFP and Maritime Affairs No. FISH/2006/09. Lot 4: Impact assessment studies related to the CFP. EU Regional Socioeconomic Dependencies

With axis 4 of the EFF, Common Fisheries Policy has widened its scope to address socio…

MRAG Project Sustainable fisheries: testing methods for improving livelihoods in coastal communities in northern Kenya

The overall goal of the project was to provide a sustainable management plan for one…

MRAG Project Application and promotion of FMSP Participatory Fisheries Stock Assessment (ParFish)

This project tested, revised and widely promoted a methodology for participatory…

MRAG Project Review of Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Project in Papua New Guinea

MRAG provided one member of the review team for the mid term review of the Rural…

MRAG Project Adaptive Learning Approaches to Fisheries Enhancement

Enhanced fisheries can provide substantial benefits to the poor in developing…