The objective of the NEOM Marine Conservation Strategy was to develop a strategy for NEOM to protect, restore, enhance, and sustainably manage their seascapes. This work showcased NEOMs seascapes and provided a series of effective, innovative, scientifically robust and feasible conservation strategies. This was developed to ensure a regenerative, net-positive relationship is established within NEOM to simultaneously support biodiversity conservation, planned development and tourism goals. 

To complete this work, in alignment with NEOM’s vision, a review of global, regional, and local characteristics and environmental challenges was conducted to inform the development of the Strategy’s six marine conservation principles, four conservation objectives, and 24 best practice and innovative conservation strategies. The four conservation objectives were tailored to realise the full potential of NEOM’s Seascapes and demonstrate global excellence in marine conservation. The first objective aimed to protect existing biodiversity and habitats, including the application of innovative concepts to ecosystem management. The second objective described tools to restore key habitats and contribute to NEOM’s regreening efforts. The third objective aimed to enhance NEOM’s marine life by applying innovative strategies in rewilding of NEOM’s coastal and marine ecosystems. The last objective aimed to sustain NEOM by building a harmonious relationship with nature to overcome challenges posed by anthropogenic climate change, food security, pollution, and the overuse of marine resources.

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McGregor Coxall

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Saudi Arabia