The purpose of this contract is to clarify the scientific basis about the positive and negative impacts of aquaculture in the EU from the economic, environmental and social point of view, in order to facilitate a well-informed debate. The study is focused on the 27 EU member states, but includes Iceland, Norway and the UK, and is based on scientific evidences and not in public perceptions. 

This study, conducted for EASME and DG MARE, has 5 core Tasks: 

Task 1: Desk research state-of-the-art scientific information. Desk research to collect the state-of-the-art scientific information related to the possible negative and positive impacts of aquaculture activities in the EU from the economic, environmental and social point of view. In addition, associated countries (Norway and Iceland) and the UK can be considered. 
Task 2: Deep analysis of impacts by case studies and stakeholder interviews. A deeper analysis of the most broadly identified impacts carried out through 11 case studies in the EU. 
Task 3: Review regulatory framework and mitigation. In addition to the impacts, each case study reviews the related existing regulatory framework and mitigation measures implemented (when possible) for the existing negative impacts, to see if the regulatory framework has any effect on the impacts (i.e., if some have proven effective to mitigate the negative impacts).
Task 4: Analyses, evaluation and cumulative impacts. This task provides an overview of the positive and negative impacts and the economic, environmental and social perspectives. This will include the analyse and evaluation of the scientific information collected and the results of the interviews. In addition, and as far as possible, considering potential cumulative impacts (additive, synergistic or antagonistic). This task also includes the visualisation of the results in order to enable efficient and reader friendly communication by the Commission.
Task 5: Conclusions. Provide conclusions based on the analyses and evaluations.

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EU-Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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