The objective of the assignment was to support the Bureau of National Fisheries (BNF) to develop provisional total allowable catch (TAC) limits for key fisheries in order to implement the new Fisheries Regulations. MRAG provided Dr Chris Mees as a Fisheries Expert to undertake the assignment. Specific activities included:

  • Review of historic and current fisheries literature on Liberia – including 2008 fish biomass survey from Nansen programme and other stock assessment, oceanographic and fish landings data and studies conducted in Liberia and the sub-region for lessons learnt
  • Study and review existing data and data collection arrangements and recommend improvements
  • Examination of BNF and fishing company fisheries data to establish trends relevant to the assessment of fish stocks
  • Examination of the license system/scheme being applied by the BNF and recommending  ways of bringing it into compliance with new Fisheries Regulations and allowing for higher generation of rent from fisheries
  • Identification of commercially important pelagic and demersal fisheries in Liberia and definition of a management plan for each referring to the FAO precautionary approach as defined in the FAO code of conduct of responsible fisheries
  • Determination of how the TAC could be translated into number of licenses issued by BNF, consistent with the new Fisheries Regulation
  • Estimation of the expected license revenue for the first year under the new licensing system specified in the Fisheries Regulations, based on the proposed TAC and international ex vessel values as listed by market sources

Name of Client

Bureau of National Fisheries - Liberia

Project Dates