Governance is a critical challenge in many fisheries and the process of understanding and, where necessary, improving governance is as the heart of effective conservation and wise resource use. MRAG has undertaken research, provided training and supported capacity development in both developing and developed country fisheries institutions and contributed to improved management practices and more sustainable fisheries. This has included:

  • Initiatives to better understand fisheries as complex and dynamic systems to derive management objectives;
  • Developing and applying participatory approaches that can help ensure the full and effective participation of relevant stakeholders;
  • Supporting innovative forms of governance including collaborative management and adaptive management;
  • Developing and implementing mechanisms and methodologies to assess the environmental, economic and socio-cultural costs, benefits and impacts of management and policy measures.

 Ultimately, this work has assisted in determining the manner in which power and influence are exercised within management regimes, including the sharing of responsibilities, rights, costs and benefits.


Title Region End Date
Study on the main effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the EU fishing and aquaculture sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken to confine its spread have impacted…

The cost of not-ending harmful subsidies by 2020.

In the Sustainable Development Goals adopted as targets for international development…

The social and economic implications to UK fishing communities of implementing zonal attachment as the basis for quota allocation

This study explores what the future of UK fisheries might look like if the basis for…

Development of a fishing fleet management and licensing system

Seychelles, under the Third South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance and Shared…

Indian Ocean
International Oceans Governance – Scientific support

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by world leaders in 2015 set the…

MRAG Project Scientific research, fish stock assessment and training of IMBO and MFMR staff and students (WARFP)

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources had received a loan from the IDA and a…

MRAG Project Regional overview of the Western Indian Ocean/East Africa region and Ex-ante evaluations of possible future Agreements with Kenya and Tanzania

The ex-ante evaluations for possible new Fisheries Partnership agreements (FPAs) in…

Framework Contract for evaluation and impact assessment, Lot 3: International Dimension of the CFP

This is a framework contract where specific services will consist of assisting the…

Community fisheries governance -Liberia

The project aimed to explore successful community-based rights systems as a tool for…

MRAG Project Counterfactual evaluation of EFF Permanent and Temporary Cessation measures

The objectives of this specific contract were to assess to what degree the existing…

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Fisheries Management.

The work undertaken by MRAG for GSGSSI comprises general and specific advice on the…

Atlantic Ocean
Independent Review of the Science Structure and Function of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.

The Convention on the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in…

Workshop on UK Overseas Territories activities associated with UK obligations under ICCAT

The UK is a member of the International Convention on the Conservation of Atlantic…

Atlantic Ocean
MRAG Project Lot 4: An analysis of existing Rights Based Management (RBM) instruments in Member States and on setting up best practices in the EU (FISH/2007/03)

This project undertook a detailed review and analysis of the rights-based management (…

MRAG Project Research into the problems of illegal fishing in SE Asia

This project was a joint venture between the governments of Australia and Indonesia to…

MRAG Project Study and analysis of the IUU fishing situation in the SADC region and an estimate of the economic, social and biological impact of this situation

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing is a global issue with many harmful…

MRAG Project Assessment of alternative approaches to implementing Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) in the Australian Northern Prawn Fishery

The Australian Federal government is determined to introduce ITQs in all Commonwealth…

MRAG Project Strategic planning for CCAMLR and South Georgia

This project assisted the FCO, CCAMLR and Government of South Georgia and South…

Atlantic Ocean
MRAG Project Support to assessment of progress of halting biodiversity loss with respect to the marine environment for the EEA 2005 State of the Environment and Outlook Report (EEA)

The European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes a report every five years on the state…

MRAG Project Lower Amazon Technical Meeting

MRAG was invited to participate in the main legislative review committee and was…

Latin America