The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) in Sierra Leone is responsible for managing, developing and conserving Sierra Leone‚Äôs fisheries resources, including marine, inland and aquaculture fisheries. Following a Cabinet decision in March 2020, the Competent Authority was formally established under the MFMR, having previously been the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. MRAG conducted a situation analysis for enhancing the functions of the Competent Authority for fishery products quality controls. The study was accomplished through a combination of desk research and in-country stakeholder consultations. Specifically, the study provided an assessment of and recommendations on the i) functions and capacity within the Competent Authority, ii) fish products quality control including laboratories; and iii) sanitary infrastructure at landing sites. Overall, fourteen recommendations were provided for several areas that require improvement before the Sierra Leone could gain access to the EU market. 

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