With a multi-disciplinary and highly skilled staff experienced in putting together and managing large teams, including consortia, MRAG is well placed to support clients in programme and framework contract management. A programme relates to a collection of projects or activities that occur under a common theme. By definition they are large contracts with a number of different elements that can include programme development (i.e. strategic planning to define specific project activities), programme management (i.e. administering the full cycle for specific projects including technical and financial elements), monitoring and evaluation (i.e. of the programme and its projects evaluating performance and outcomes).

MRAG has a wealth of experience of managing programmes for a number of clients. We have implemented two large and long term contract research management programmes that have required provision of a comprehensive service across all these areas. We have also run several Framework Contracts (e.g. for the EU) where the focus is more on implementing specific projects and ensuring a common look and feel (reporting template) and ensuring consistency and quality, but outside the specific projects there is little requirement for development or cross cutting evaluation.

Our in-house staff capacity includes both the technical and administrative skills required for implementing programmes. At a technical level we are able to provide experienced Programme  Managers to oversee the goals, purpose and status of all specific projects and have the capacity (including our pool of external experts) and in-house training systems to guarantee continuity of service delivery for long term programmes. Our IT and finance staff are experienced at managing a large portfolio of projects and bring these skills to the Programme management services we offer.    


Title Region End Date
MRAG Project Mid Term Review Of Pacific ACP And French Pacific OCT Regional Oceanic and Coastal Fisheries Development Programme (PROCFish/C)

The Financing Agreement supporting PROCFish stipulated that both the Coastal and…

MRAG Project EU Framework: Studies in the field of the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime Affiars No Fish/2006/09 : Lot 2 Legal Studies Related to Maritime Affairs

Lot 2 of the 'Studies in the fields of the Common Fisheries Policy and Maritime…

Framework Contract for evaluation and impact assessment, Lot 2: Common Fisheries Policy, excluding its international dimension

This is a framework contract where specific services will consist of assisting the…