The main objective of the study was to identify technical solutions, both economically and biologically sustainable, to mitigate the incidental bycatch of seabirds in static net fisheries in EU waters (excluding the Mediterranean), with a particular emphasis on the Baltic Sea, eastern North Sea and western waters.

The project was divided into three main tasks:

• Assessing the present knowledge on incidental seabird bycatch and causes and reviewing mitigation measures already tested to reduce incidental seabird bycatch in static net fisheries.
• Identifying and testing technical solutions to mitigate incidental seabird bycatch in static net fisheries. For the purposes of the technical study, technical solutions shall be tested in at least two of the following areas: the Baltic Sea, North Sea and western waters.
• Evaluating the possible impacts of the proposed technical solutions on fishermen and the benefits to seabird populations of widespread usage. The tasks shall be addressed through a desktop study, a technical study and an impact study.

The final report of the study can be found at:

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