MRAG is able to offer stand alone Programme (and project) monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services or as part of wider Programme management and implementation. M&E and impact assessments aim to evaluate the progress of a programme or project against its goals. Often these are defined in a framework (e.g. Logical Framework) where the expected outcomes, outputs and activities are defined. Such evaluations may occur annually, at the mid term review, or after the project/programme is complete. Impact assessment however extends beyond the logframe and we have experience of a number of other methodologies (e.g. Most significant change) and innovative approaches (e.g. use of multimedia tools to gather feedback). MRAG has considerable experience of impact assessment and evaluation applied to Programmes we have managed and of evaluating projects for clients. We offer a range of services:

  • Project technical audits (i.e. against activities, logframe etc)
  • Ex post project reviews and Impact assessments (i.e. have outputs been delivered and outcomes achieved)
  • Programme level reviews across a suite of projects/activities
  • Quality evaluation and assurance
  • Lesson learning and communication of outcomes
  • Policy evaluation


Title Region End Date
SPRFMO Observer Programme Accreditation Evaluator

The South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation is an inter-governmental…

Development of St Helena Futures Assessment

The aim of this project was to undertake research into the emerging activities that…

Atlantic Ocean
International Oceans Governance – Scientific support

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by world leaders in 2015 set the…

Second Review of the ICCAT Atlantic-Wide Research Programme on bluefin tuna (ICCAT GBYP PHASE 6-2016)

The Atlantic-wide research programme for bluefin tuna was officially adopted by the…

Atlantic Ocean
Framework Contract for evaluation and impact assessment, Lot 2: Common Fisheries Policy, excluding its international dimension

This is a framework contract where specific services will consist of assisting the…

Preparation of the mid-term review of EU biodiversity strategy

The main task of this project is to support the evaluation of the implementation of…

MRAG Project Mid Term Review Of Pacific ACP And French Pacific OCT Regional Oceanic and Coastal Fisheries Development Programme (PROCFish/C)

The Financing Agreement supporting PROCFish stipulated that both the Coastal and…

Mid-Term PROCfish Review

The project involved a mid-term evaluation of the Pacific ACP and OCT Regional Oceanic…

MRAG Project Review of Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Project in Papua New Guinea

MRAG provided one member of the review team for the mid term review of the Rural…

Third Fisheries Project, Bangladesh

The Overseas Development Administration (ODA, now DfID) of the UK Government funded a…

MRAG Project Jamuna Bridge Project - Independent review Panel, Environment and Resettlement Aspects

The co-financiers of the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project (JMBP) raised an…