MRAG has a core team of specialists with strong quantitative skills that can develop simulation models and conduct statistical analysis to help better understand natural resource system dynamics. This includes use of advanced multivariate statistical techniques such as exploratory generalised additive models (GAMs) and generalised linear models (GLMs) to help describe and interpret complex data patterns. MRAG has routinely applied GLMs to standardise fisheries catch-per-unit-effort data for resource assessments.

At MRAG we have developed considerable experience in a wide range of modelling techniques to aid decision-making, such as stochastic management strategy evaluation (MSE) simulation models, in addition to bio-economic and socio-economic models.

Projects include use of MSE techniques to investigate the impact of different tropical fish life-history strategies on fisheries management in addition to optimal management of Control of Foreign Fisheries.

MRAG has developed a suite of computer software packages to aid fisheries management under the UK DFID-funded Fisheries Management Science Programme (FMSP). These include Catch-effort-data-analysis (CEDA), length-frequency-data-analysis (LFDA), Yield and ParFish.


Title Region End Date
Study to assess the robustness of mixed fisheries scenario assumptions

This project supported the ICES mixed-fisheries assessment process, investigating the…

ICCAT bluefin tuna trade, market & auction data analyses - Data recovery plan

The comprehensive ICCAT Atlantic-Wide Research Programme on Bluefin Tuna (ICCAT GBYP)…

Antarctic Ocean
Second Review of the ICCAT Atlantic-Wide Research Programme on bluefin tuna (ICCAT GBYP PHASE 6-2016)

The Atlantic-wide research programme for bluefin tuna was officially adopted by the…

Atlantic Ocean
MRAG Project Provision of services for fisheries socio-economic survey for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

The provision of consultants with expertise in marine fishery socioeconomic…

Middle East
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Fisheries Management.

The work undertaken by MRAG for Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich…

Atlantic Ocean
MRAG Project An analysis of existing and proposed mechanisms and approaches for achieving sustainable fisheries management

The HRH Prince of Wales International Sustainability Unit (ISU), part of the Prince’s…

MRAG Project Studies in the Field of the CFP and Maritime Affairs No. FISH/2006/09. Lot 4: Impact assessment studies related to the CFP. Technical analysis (phase 1) of the Impact Assessment for the CFP 2012 reform

The objective of this study was to produce the STATUS QUO impact assessment of the…

MRAG Project Study and analysis of the IUU fishing situation in the SADC region and an estimate of the economic, social and biological impact of this situation

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing is a global issue with many harmful…

Design, testing and promotion of models generating national economic benefits through the control of foreign fishing

The purpose of the project was to improve local capacity within national agencies and…

Mid-Term PROCfish Review

The project involved a mid-term evaluation of the Pacific ACP and OCT Regional Oceanic…

MRAG Project Fisheries data collection and sharing mechanisms for (co-) management

To develop, test and promote appropriate and cost-effective generic data collection…

Investigation on the implications of different reef fish life history strategies on fisheries management

In developing countries, growth parameters and stock assessment information for fish…

MRAG Project Interdisciplinary Multivariate Analysis (IMA) for Adaptive Co-Management

Artisanal fisheries are fundamentally important in the developing world but are often…

MRAG Project Discards from the Adriatic small pelagic fishery

The Adriatic small pelagic fishery for anchovies and sardines has been studied by…

MRAG Project Porco Tallings Dam Burst

The Bolivian Ministry of Sustainable Development and Environment requested technical…

Latin America