Project Title Region Start
Implementation of a Fisheries Management Plan for Lake Victoria Africa
MRAG Project Analysis to determine licence fee levels for the offshore tuna fleets Africa
Consultancy Services for Preparation Of Three Management Plans For Reef, Octopus And Small Pelagic Fisheries in Zanzibar Africa
MRAG Project University stock assessment and curriculum development Africa
MRAG Project Sustainable fisheries: testing methods for improving livelihoods in coastal communities in northern Kenya Africa
MRAG Project Scientific research, fish stock assessment and training of IMBO and MFMR staff and students (WARFP) Africa
MRAG Project Support to the Bureau of National Fisheries to develop provisional TAC limits for new Fisheries Regulations Africa
Design, testing and promotion of models generating national economic benefits through the control of foreign fishing Africa
MRAG Project Application and promotion of FMSP Participatory Fisheries Stock Assessment (ParFish) Africa
MRAG Project A strategy for the long term optimisation of the Mauritanian fisheries control and surveillance system Africa
GEF Pollution control and other measures to protect biodiversity in Lake Tanganyika. Africa
MRAG Project Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project: Baseline fish survey Africa
Fish biodiversity survey of Mabole/Tabai and Rokel/Seli Rivers Africa
MRAG Project The status of hake fisheries off western Africa and the role played by subsidised fishing fleets Africa
African Capacity Building Training Event - South Africa Africa
MRAG Project SADC Regional Fisheries Information Systems (RFIS) Africa
West Africa Fisheries Programme – Liberia. Participatory Survey for Fisheries Resource Assessment Africa
MRAG Project Study and analysis of the IUU fishing situation in the SADC region and an estimate of the economic, social and biological impact of this situation Africa
Liberia national co-management workshop Africa
MRAG Project Ministry of Marine Resources : Cooperation on Fisheries Development Africa
Towards a sustainable tuna fishery in the coastal states of the West Africa sub region Africa
MRAG Project Eritrea – Environmental Law Africa
BNF Staff Training Course Africa
MRAG Project Fisheries Management Assistance - MMR Eritrea Africa