Conor O'Kane

IT Director

Conor has been in charge of developing all MRAG IT systems, as the company has expanded, since 1999. Currently he is the IT Director at MRAG with experience of the full cycle of software development; from initial systems investigation, mapping and analysis, to the building, implementation, and maintenance of systems. This expertise has also enabled him to participate in and manage a wide variety of projects with a significant IT component. As a result, he has gained particular experience in information systems at a regional level, in Europe, Africa, and the Pacific, including long term projects in Namibia and Botswana. This has included work for many of the international agencies such as the EU and regional fisheries organisations such as IOTC and ICCAT.

Currently he manages all IT projects and the IT components of MRAG projects which typically includes; implementing systems, environmental and fisheries information systems (FIS) and developing procedures for their use, writing reports and technical documentation, user manuals, training manuals and designing and conducting training courses.

He is currently the management representative for the MRAG ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.