Owen Kelley-Patterson


Owen joined MRAG as an Observer Coordinator and is currently assigned to work on the IOTC/ICCAT transhipment programme. He has 4 years prior experience as a CCAMLR observer working in both the Antarctic krill and toothfish fisheries. Here, his role mostly included collecting data on catch composition and biometrics of target and bycatch species, as well as carrying out fish tagging, and marine bird and mammal observations.

Before this, Owen took part in some non-governmental organisation (NGO) work that included assisting in a fishery improvement project (FIP) for traditional tuna fisheries in Indonesia. As part of his role, Owen was involved in assessing the observer programme for pole and line vessels and helped set up a remote monitoring system for small handline vessels, with the ultimate goal of getting these fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).