Sarah Davie

Technical Director

Sarah is a Principal Consultant with over 16 years of experience in applied fisheries science. During this time, she has held consultant, public, and non-governmental organisation positions, working closely with a number of governments on the development, implementation, and review of fisheries and conservation policy. As such, Sarah is well versed in the development, provision, and use of science and assessment in direct advisory support of decision-making.

Sarah has considerable experience in marine demersal fisheries, fleets and stocks, marine conservation, and projects focused on habitats, interactions between marine users, and impact assessments. She has strong analytical and quantitative assessment skills in data management, big data analysis (including VMS), modelling, interpretation, and provision of management advice utilising R and SQL. Sarah has led projects across a range of locations from the UK and Europe, up to the Arctic, and down through the Indian Ocean, to the sub-polar and polar regions of the Antarctic.