Ian Payne

Associate Consultant

Previously Managing and Executive Director at MRAG, his major experience is in fisheries, management of aquatic systems and environmental monitoring as well as programme management.  In particular, he has been an advisor on fisheries and environment policy and management as well as advisor to numerous governments and international agencies.

Recently, he has been involved in project and programme management for the European Commission, amongst others, concerning the evaluation of the EU Data collection framework for DG Mare. In fisheries, Dr Payne has been involved in additional projects for the European Commission concerning the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) including: the role of subsidies, the evaluation of coherence of CFP third country fisheries agreements and EU Development Policy, the evaluation of all Member States data collection programmes for the needs of the CFP and the feasibility study and business plan for the EU Joint Inspection Service and Community Fisheries Control Agency. He has considerable experience in the aquaculture sector including the design and management of production facilities, in both warm and cold waters, and the environmental impacts of aquaculture with respect to monitoring, auditing and certification. This extends into a wide experience of EIAs in marine and freshwater environments.