Thomas Franklin

Associate Consultant

Thomas Franklin is an experienced fisheries and aquatic resource consultant, currently involved in the monitoring and surveillance of MPAs, quality control of regional fisheries observer programmes (ICCAT, IOTC and CCAMLR), and assessing the environmental impacts of fisheries. In addition, following increasing public demand for seafood to be responsibly sourced, he is responsible for evaluations of wild caught fisheries and aquaculture supply chains.

Based in Spain, Thomas Franklin also offers an extensive insight into the Spanish fisheries industry at both the consumer and supplier levels. He has extensive at sea experience, both in the monitoring and surveillance of fisheries, as well as scientific assessments of fish stocks, which has provided an excellent technical and practical knowledge of fisheries. He  also has a broad knowledge of international regulations and agreements, such as UNCLOS, UNFSA, PSMA and the various IPOAs, and how these effect fisheries on an international, regional, and national level.

Thomas Franklin holds BSc. in Zoology and an MSc. in Marine Science, obtained from Otago University in New Zealand. He is fluent in Spanish with a good understanding of Valencian.